Monday, 21 January 2013

The Red Cedar Book Award Club is up and running!

We had our first official meeting for the Red Cedar Book Award Club this past Tuesday. In our group we have 35 enthusiastic students from grades 4 to 7. We meet every Tuesday, in the library, during the last block of the day.

We will be sharing and discussing our ideas on which books we think are the best and why and we will finish by voting for the best books. All of the votes will be tallied from students across B.C. and in April the winner of the Red Cedar Book Award will be announced.

There is a selection of 13 novels to be read and a selection of  13 non-fiction books to be read. In order to get the opportunity to vote, the students must read at least 5 books from either section.  They are welcome to read 5 books from both sections and of course welcome to read more than 5 books from either section.

We would like to thank our Parent Advisory Council for purchasing the books for this program. We greatly appreciate it! 

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